How to use Reddit: A basic guide for new authors

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about Reddit- The front page of internet.Reddit is a best place for starting a discussion about any topic there is. Each topic in reddit is classified as subreddits. The whole reddit is based on two things basically- upvote and Downvote. If you have written a content on reddit and it is getting a lot of upvote then that content can feature on the front page of reddit. There is always a excitement to be on the front page of reddit.As a writer you can use this site to gain knowledge about any topic you seek. The best subreddits that are beneficial for writers are given below:

1. /r/AskReddit : Use this subreddit to ask anything( any topic which you see fit ) to all the other redditers across the globe.

2. /r/writing : It involves discussions regarding the art of writing. Use this to gain knowledge about writing community. You will interact with many redditers that will provide you with tips and suggestions for making your writing better and better.

Read all the Rules and regulations regarding the subreddits before posting anything. Reddit is a great place for knowledge sharing.There are various terminology which reddit users use such as :

1.OP: It is termed as Original Poster- A person who start the discussion is called OP. So keep that in mind when someone calls or refers to you as OP.

2.DAE : It refers to “Does Anyone Else” – This is used for finding people with common interest.

3. TL;DR: This abbreviation refers to as Too Long; Didn’t Read.Whenever you receive this as a reply to your content understand that the user does not able to read or understand your content.

One last concept too. Karma- when other users upvote your content you will gain Karma point. The more the karma the more your reputation as a good redditor on reddit.So consider using reddit is will help you in providing help in writing prompts to resolving the writers block.
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The importance of using Facebook groups for writers.

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about the importance of using Facebook groups . Facebook just like any other Social Media sites is a great way to connect with your friends and family members , office colleagues etc. But the Facebook is not limited to just family members we can interact with anyone from all around the world via Facebook groups. I too have created a Facebook group for you guys. You can check it out at

The Writers Crusade

Join my group if you like. We will do a lot of fun stuff over here. You can also post your blog posts, Wattpad books and other questions which you needed to ask with other members of the group. This is some sort of experiment which I am working on to connect with more and more writers all around the globe. Also you can add your friends too by inviting then to join the group. This way we together create a community of like minded authors.

So guys that’s all I want to say see you in my Facebook group. Thank you for reading.

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Does age matters in writing a Novel ?

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about the age of the writer and it’s connection with the novel. Now let’s begin shall we ! 😊

When I was a little boy I write a novel which is about a lizard and boy’s friendship. It is very funny story and has a simple story line revolving around only 2 characters. As I age I made many modification to the story and make the story more and more crispy and entertaining. I recreate the character of lizard and make him filled with supernatural powers. As I grow more older I read about science fiction then I further modify my story and recreate the lizard power as a result of some scientific experiment. So what I am trying to convey here is as we age we become better and better. So according to my theorem.

Writing skill is directly proportional to the age.

With experience and hard work along with many reading hours you can become a better writer. As we age we learn about human feelings . This knowledge of human feelings which we called maturity we apply it on designing our story characters. Thus, we make life like characters.

This is just a thought which may be wrong . If you agree with me then tell me about it otherwise correct me. As much as we read we develop a mindset of writing vocabulary rich content.

More reading is directly proportional to best writing skills.

Now if you have any other points which you like to add please do by commenting on this post. Thank you for reading.

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The meaning of Love in your life – Valentine’s Day.

Hello everyone. As you are all aware tommarow is Valentine’s day. A day to celebrate love. Every couple around the world enjoy this day with their partner. Love is a feeling which makes everything beautiful. Finding true love is tough. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

High school sweetheart : The lovers who meet in high school and fall in love after friendship. This love basically starts from infatuation or crush and then develop into true love slowly. This type of love is very pure love . The people who fall in love during childhood are very lucky.

Love can happen at any age . Spread love and happiness all around the world. Follow these things to improve your relationship

1. Try not to fight with your lover . Try to understand him/ her emotions.

2.Gift something to your lover anything which he/she likes. It can be a red rose or a favorite dress which he/she likes.

3. Never break heart of your partner. Love is a good thing which happens only to lucky ones. So never do anything to upset your partner.

4. No matter how busy you are always spend some quality time with your lover .

Enjoy your day. Do comment telling how you spend your Valentine’s day.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

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Can a person be immortal and live forever.

Hello everyone , today we will talk about a distinctive topic of immortality. Most of the fiction we read or see describe the concept of immortality. A power to live forever never age, never get sick just live healthy always. Do you believe something like this.? Do you give your thoughts in the comment section.

Moving on to the argument let’s consider the kind of possibilities a person can have if he/she lives forever. He will learn so much about everything there is to know. He can study every branch of study like engineering, medical,history, archeological etc. He is like a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge. He will live the life to its fullest and don’t need to worry about the future.

Now let’s talk about downsides of bieng immortal. He will have no friend or family for a long time since they will grow old and die and he doesn’t. He will be alone most of the time and be a constant target for scientist who wants to turn him into a lab rat. He will lose the purpose of life with no future and endless existence made him depressed once in a while.

Now let’s scientifically think how is it possible. If cell regenerates on its own then this could be possible. If the person ignores situations of trouble and remain hidden in a closet then it is possible. ( Just kidding. Sarcasm you see) . Keep dreaming. Thank you for reading.

Do give your valuable opinion about the concept of immortality by commenting.

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Let’s talk about the Science Fiction genre.

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about the beloved genre science fiction. Well I love science. I am a curious guy who loves physics and chemistry. Specifically physics. It seems so interesting and exciting. The science fiction genre is divided into various topics like time travel , parallel universe , robotics , artificial intelligence, cyborgs, aliens , extraterrestrial, space travel etc.

There are many films based on time travel like Back to the future trilogy , looper, The time Machine etc. which portrays the concept of time travel. There are famous authors like H. G Wells and Jules Verne who writes excellent novels on science fiction genre. Both films and books has covered the concept of science fiction quite beautifully. Even there are many tv series dedicated to time travel but one of my favorites is Doctor who. It is an excellent tv show which portrays various concept of time travel.

So basically every thing we see or read has covered the concept of time travel. There are some rules of time travel which varies from one story to another. From what I gathered after watching and reading I made my own set of ti.e travel rules.

1. You cannot change the past what happened , happened.

This is like the golden rule of time travel.

2. You cannot meet your future self or interact with yourself in future as the results will be catastrophic.

3. Sometimes changing the past important event creates an alternate timeline like a parallel universe.

4. You cannot visit the same place twice while doing the time travelling.

These rules are unique and varies and updated according to requirements. If given a chance where do you want to go past or the future. Do reply.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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The importance of Social Media for writers & authors

Hello everyone. Today we will talk about the importance of Social Media for writers and authors. Before the year 2004 no one is aware about Social Media. Facebook and Twitter has not even discovered yet. At that time if we want to promote our novel then we only have one option i.e traditional publishing. We search for publication houses which are interested in publishing our books by either manually visiting them or by sending them our query through a letter or post. It is a very long and tedious process. Only a few lucky books are selected by the publishers for publishing test of the books are rejected. Thanks to the innovation and discovery of social media sites like twitter and Facebook we get one another option known as self publishing. With the power of Social Media we not only connect with our friends and family but also with like minded people across the globe.

I think Twitter is the best tool for gathering readers for your new novel. If you are a new author then your twitter interaction is crucial. Don’t just post links of your novel but also talk and interact with other authors too. Play Twitter chat and various hashtag games to get a good opportunity to make good friends.

Twitter is the best social networking site for new authors

When people reply to your tweet and interact with you it builds up confidence. Trust me. Be polite. Always reply whoever retweet you. One more thing follow people and then stay with it. Don’t unfollow people to satisfy your ego and show off your follower -following ratio. It is very rude. You can unfollow people only when –

1. The person misbehave with you.

2. The Twitter handle of the person is fake and Spammy.

3. The person is no longer active on Twitter.

Only these conditions are genuinely acceptable to unfollow someone.

So guys which social media you use mostly to interact with your readers please comment your views. Thank you so much for reading.

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The role of Tension in our life

Hello everyone. Today I will discuss about Tension. So there is not a single person on this earth who has never been worried about something. No matter rich or poor we all worry about something. Everyone worries . Tension is like a universal truth . The only time we are free of Tension is when we are small kids of age below 5 years. That time we have no worries and everything looks happy. As we grow older and older we started worry about things. When we reach school life we worry about our grades , our future . The only time we are free is when the exam gets over or summer vacations but still have tension about our result and a ton of homework that comes along with summer vacations. When I was a child I thought the grown ups lives a very happy life. But I was wrong . I realize this as I grow up . After school and college we have yet another tension of employment . All those childhood fantasies of becoming an astronaut and voyage on space fades away and we have to focus on real life. Most of the people I met or in contact with have the same dream of becoming an astronaut and cruising into the space and discovering new planets. This dream fuels up by seeing science fiction movies and reading sci-fi books or novels. Things in books and novels are so simple but real life is hard.

After finding employment comes the tension of finding a life partner. Some people find their true love in school life only but some other people have to find their true love or soulmate . After finding your true soulmate and marrying her/ him comes the responsibility of family, children . After that comes old age which is filled with various surprises . The tension of diseases comes along with old age. Some people who maintain a good diet plan keep themselves fit at old age too.

So in totality we must enjoy each and every second of our life and try to forget about Tension. Because the tension isn’t going anywhere if you are not thinking about it

If you are a child enjoy your life to the fullest have some fun. Try to live with tension and accept it as a nessesory evil. After solving every tension comes happy times. So be optimistic and drill the tension to its root. Don’t overthink it.

Thanks for reading my blog post. I have a question for you my lovely readers which time of life do you considers tension free. Also suggest some tips in order to combat the tension by leaving a comment.

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The Various stages of Writing , publishing and marketing a Novel.

Hello everyone. Today we will talk about the various stages of Writing a good novel. You might think that it is easy just write your novel then edit it and boom you got your novel. No it’s not that simple. So pay a very close attention to what I am saying in this post. I have 1 year experience of digital marketing so I know about the basic fundamentals of marketing too. So let’s begin shall we !!!

1. Executing an idea- Whenever we get an idea about writing a story we get that idea in bits and pieces. So first off write all the ideas you are having in a piece of paper. Compare these ideas keeping in mind the flow of your story. Highlight various points in your ideas which are a necessity in your story. Suppose you are thinking about an urban story so highlight the points like the urban settings, urban backdrop , urban lifestyle daily routine etc. Make it as close to reality as possible.

2. Writing the story : After writing various iterations of ideas just sat down and write a cohesive story. Describe each and every thing in vivid detail as possible. Use emotional words to describe character feelings and outlook. Try to write a good amount of word each day as your convenience. Follow a schedule and stick to it.

3. Editing : After writing your masterpiece go through it again and again to look for grammatical errors, tenses etc. Hire a editor. He / she will give you professional advice and a good edited work gains readers confidence .

4. Publishing & Marketing : Now that you have written and edited your story now is the time to publish it. You can traditionaly publish your book or self publish your book. Both options are good. After publishing comes the marketing part. Promote your book on various social networking sites like Twitter , Facebook etc. I think Twitter is the best place. A very great writer community is present on Twitter. So if you are a new author promote your book on Twitter. You will get good readers from all over the world.

So these are the various steps which are needed . If you are a new author do share your experience on comment section. Tell us which step you like the most among the following. Thank you for reading.

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